Do other people sometimes irritate you?

I would be lying if I said no to that question.

For most of us… there are some people we can hardly stand to be around. Their politics are all messed up, they have annoying habits, they’re rude, they’re inconsiderate, they did us wrong, whatever.

I’m not talking about unbelievers. I’m talking about fellow Christians—people with whom we will spend eternity.

They will be in heaven with us; we will be in heaven with them; and—guess what—we’ll all get along beautifully.

So what gives?

The Bible says we will be changed—in the twinkling of an eye—in a nanosecond. Instantly.

I ask you: How?

What will transform that unlovable person into a person we are delighted to call family? More to the point, what will transform us?

What do you think? How will that work?

Bible trivia:
Answer from last time: Abimelech murdered his brothers.
New question: According to Jesus, how many times are we to forgive our fellow believer?

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