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I believe God likes you.
You are the difference your world needs.
You are the answer to someone’s prayer.
You are God’s masterpiece.

To help you on your journey, I’ve created six easy-to-follow, one-page guides that empower you—in just a few minutes—to make major upgrades in your life or to help others make life-changing upgrades. Here’s what I have for you:

Neutralize an unpleasant emotion
All of us sometimes experience unpleasant emotions such as fear, isolation, shame, feeling like garbage, confusion, hopelessness, invalidation, helplessness. Jesus wants to replace those emotions with peace and joy. This one-page guide will show you how…

[How to] Forgive someone who has hurt you
Christians are commanded by Jesus to forgive others. And forgiving others takes a huge emotional weight off your shoulders. But few people actually know how to forgive. They try white knuckle, denial, minimizing, rationalizing—none of which work. There’s a better way. This one-page guide will show you how…

Overcome inner barriers
Sometimes inner obstacles keep us from the good things God has for us. God wants to free us from these inner barriers. This one-page guide will show you how…

Bypass forbidden fruit* *to get what you really want
Will that other woman (or man), that addiction, that temptation give you what you really want? I think deep down we all know those things are candy-coated poison. But how do we satisfy that deep longing inside? A great help with porn and other life-controlling issues. This one-page guide will show you how…

Remove guilt from your life
The presence of guilt in your life is like the “check engine” light in your car—its a signal that something is wrong, but it doesn’t necessarily tell you exactly what’s wrong. That’s why we need to through a simple troubleshooting process to get at the cause and repair it. This one-page guide will show you how…

[Re]Connect with Jesus in a meaningful way
No matter where you are in life, it’s good to stop and check your connection with Jesus. How do you establish a meaningful relationship with Jesus? This one-page guide will show you how… Use this easy guide for yourself and/or help a friend.

Thank you, Dwight! God has given you so much wisdom. Thank you for sharing these treasures. I’m very thankful for what you are doing. ~ Tom E. Smith, Author, Captured by Sacred Love

Anyway, I would like to give you all six of these one-page guides as MY GIFT TO YOU. No strings attached. I’ll also send you some encouraging stuff. If you don’t want those emails, no problem, just unsubscribe. We’re all good.

I am loving the Spiritual Self-Defense emails. They are short, easy to read for the believer and non-believer, and very practical and thought provoking for life. I look forward to reading each one and growing more in faith through application. ~Kris M., Wisconsin

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Here’s what people said about the emails I send them last time I did this:

“You bless me every day.”

“…very affirming.”


“Boy, did I need to read this!”

“…a beautiful gift.”


“I laugh…I cry.”

“They…lift me up.”

“…ministered to me in great measure….deep unto deep! Thank you!”

“You’re on target again today. Actually…you’ve been on a roll for the past several day[s]!!! Thank you for your encouragement not only to us, but, to the body of Christ around the world.”

“THIS IS SO GREAT!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!”

“Wow!! This is a message that I needed to hear today. Thanks for letting God use you to speak into my life.”

“Thanks, Dwight, I needed to hear that.”

“Christ in you has a sensitive, compassionate way of expressing very candidly with the Body.”

“Great insight. I love it”

“I…am passing them on to several of my friends and Pastor.”

“I can smell that this was fresh from heaven’s warm-bake oven of that Bread that never spoils.”

“This was Exactly what I needed right now.”

“Again you hit the nail on the head. I often use your word to pass on to the circle of prayer warriors and friends…”

“Good one today. I will be chewing on it for a while.”

“Excellent! (As always!) I needed this wisdom today”

“Boy, this is the God I know and love. I’m enjoying your ‘Discoveries’—thanks for putting me on your list!”

“That is beautiful thank you!”


“I really liked this one!… Actually, I’ve enjoyed ALL of them.”

“I was humbled and melted by your words today.”

“Well put—important truth in today’s American church!”

“What insight God has given you to encourage and build up the people of God, like me!”

“WOW! What an encouragement. This is inspiration of lifetime to me.”

“How did you know …(describes something in his life)?? This…was meant for us.” [The truth is, I didn’t. I just asked the Lord for an anointed word that would make an eternal difference in the lives of our readers.]

“I am convinced you are reading my mail.” [Nope. But God knows what’s going on in all of our lives, and He puts us together and empowers us to bring Jesus to the place of greatest need.]

“Boy, that one hit home. Really get a lot of good out of [your messages], glad I found you. God bless.”


“Love your inspirations Dwight. You are truly inspired. Keep up the good work and may God richly bless you.”

“This is a great message. [The annual “Discoveries” Christmas story.] I hope you don’t ever quit sending it.”

“Wow, this is such a great take on that verse…I am sharing that verse in tomorrow’s talk at church…I like your take on it better.”

“Keep writing! I’m new to [your messages] and am encouraged—deeply encouraged and strengthened.”

“Great wisdom…thanks!”


“This was awesome… :)”

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