God wants to transform your life


Imagine if Jesus were living your life in your place. How stressed out would He be? How rattled would He get? How much power would those temptations have over Him?

The Jesus life is the birthright of every daughter and son of God. It’s not just “what would Jesus do,” but it’s “what would Jesus be?” God has for you His joy, His peace, His confidence, His empathy, His love. That’s the real you.

So much of life is just the real you coming out of hiding. The diamond that is you is already there. It’s just a matter of letting Jesus rinse off the mud so you and others can see.

Be blessed!


Four things you need to know about God:
1. God likes you.
2. Jesus hurts when you hurt.
3. God is angry at the things that are trying to destroy you.
4. God fixes things; we get to help.

Three things God wants to do for you:
1. Heal all your hurts.
2. Renew your mind.
3. Transform your life.

Something new next time…

Bible trivia:
Answer from last time: The way of love is the “more excellent way.”
New question: Which chapter of the Bible is called the “faith chapter”?

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