Remove guilt from your life

The presence of guilt in your life is like the “check engine” light in your car—its a signal that something is wrong, but it doesn’t necessarily tell you exactly what’s wrong.

As a culture, we’ve seesawed back and forth—first saying that all guilt indicated the presence of sin, and then saying that all guilt was false—an unnecessary and undesirable cultural construct. The truth is somewhere in between. If I set the neighbor’s dog on fire and don’t feel guilty about it, then something is wrong. But if I take the blame for something that isn’t my fault, then something is also wrong. If I receive God’s forgiveness, and still feel guilty, then that’s a different kind of problem.

That’s why we need to through a simple troubleshooting process to get at the cause of guilt and repair it. I’ve created a one-page guide that explains how I do that. Perhaps it will be helpful for you.

Find it here:

Bible trivia:
Answer from last time: David & Goliath occurred about 500 years earlier than Daniel & the lion’s den.
New question: Which Old Testament hero’s name in Hebrew was very similar to Jesus’ name in Hebrew?

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