Faith opens our eyes


“You can’t get right with God without faith. You gotta believe He’s there, and He rewards those who don’t give up following Him.” That’s my paraphrase of Hebrews 11:6 from the Bible.

Faith unlocks the door to a relationship with God.

Years ago I used to get into noisy debates with people who rejected the existence of God. I don’t do that anymore. Here’s one reason: I never see Jesus trying to prove that God exists.

Instead, I see Jesus being straight with people about what it costs to follow Him. “Count the cost,” He says. “You gotta decide whether this investment of time, energy, pain…love is worth it.” Faith tells us it is.

We followers of Jesus have endured slander, contempt, ridicule, persecution, discrimination, and in some cases imprisonment, torture and death. We don’t like any of those things. We don’t enjoy any of those things. But we weighed our options and decided it was worth it. We got the better deal by following Jesus.

Faith opens our eyes to the value of the gift we have been given.

Bible trivia:
Answer from last time: Abram (Abraham) rescued his nephew Lot.
New question: According to Revelation, God’s throne in heaven is surrounded by four creatures. What do they look like?

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