What a child understands

Jesus, at this time, filled with joy, prayed this prayer: “I thank You, Father, ruler of heaven and earth. Who understands the mysteries of Your kingdom? Not the intellectuals. Not the educated. Nope. Instead, You’ve made it plain to little children because that’s what makes You happy.” Luke 10:21

When I was a boy, I was enthralled by the bubble lights on our family’s Christmas tree. They were shaped like candles, with some sort of bubbling substance—alcohol perhaps—inside, boiling from the heat of the light bulb. When I grew up, I wanted to buy them, but for many years I couldn’t find them anywhere. My guess is they were probably a fire hazard.

Too bad.

I always wanted to share them with my children before they grew too old to appreciate something like that.

There are many things that only children understand. One day when my children were young, we were sitting on the edge of a slightly raised platform at church. No one else was around, so we took off our shoes and counted all our fingers and toes.

Adults understand that almost everybody has ten fingers and ten toes. But children understand the wonder of making that discovery.

Innocence. Discovery. Wonder. These are precious things.

It is no coincidence that I lingered so long by the Christmas tree when I was a child. For the only heart that is really ready to receive the Christmas Child is the heart full of wonder.

To me this is precious: God has little time for our jaded sophistication, but has open arms for our wide-eyed wonder.

Enjoy this season of wonder and awe!

Bible trivia:
Answer from last time: As a three year old, Jesus probably lived in Egypt.
New question: What is a manger?

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