God wants to heal all your hurts


God wants to heal all your hurts.

I didn’t always know that. Once upon a time I thought God was this aloof celestial Being who manned the heavenly switchboard taking incoming prayer requests and turning down the vast majority of them because they weren’t “His will.” I figured heaven must be a good place (better than the alternative), but God is and always would be remote.

Not so.

For me the journey started (as it does with so many people) with me coming out denial. Yeah, maybe I am hurt. Maybe I picked up some wounds along the way. I thought they were “dealt with,” but maybe they weren’t.

If I can get to the place where I can be honest with myself, maybe I can be honest with God. Maybe I can take some of those hurts to Him.

Wow. Was I surprised! Did you know that God is actually nice? Did you know that when God speaks into our hurts, everything changes?

I’ve walked away from some of those encounters with God feeling a thousand pounds lighter. The colors outside were brighter. The whole world had changed.

Anyway, God wants to heal all your hurts. Take those hurts to Jesus. I dare you.

Four things you need to know about God:
1. God likes you.
2. Jesus hurts when you hurt.
3. God is angry at the things that are trying to destroy you.
4. God fixes things; we get to help.

Three things God wants to do for you:
1. Heal all your hurts.

More next time…

Bible trivia:
Answer from last time: Jesus’ first recorded miracle was turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana.
New question: Why did the people of Jabesh Gilead risk their lives to recover the body of King Saul?

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