God’s heart is for the vulnerable


Wherever you are, look around. God’s eye is always on the most vulnerable person in the room.

When I read the Bible, I discover a God who is all about guarding the fragile, providing for the needy, advocating for the marginalized, elevating the forgotten. Embedded in the instructions God gives are provisions designed to protect the powerless.

Nazism was an example of the opposite sentiment. Only the strong have value. Mow over the weak. Blot out the undesirable.

All of us have been or will be vulnerable at some stage of our lives. I for one am glad that God notices, God cares, and God wants to come to our defense when we are.

Four things you need to know about God:
#1 God likes you
#2 God hurts when you hurt
#3 God is protective—he’s angry with the things that hurt us, and His eye on on the most vulnerable
#4 …next post

Bible trivia:
Answer from last time: Lazarus (The other two are unnamed.)
New question: What do Elijah, Elisha, Jesus, Peter and Paul all have in common? (This cannot be said about any other group of Biblical characters.)

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