Finding the door

So how do you find the door where Jesus is knocking?

Look for the pain.

As a rule, Jesus is looking to occupy the places inside where we hurt.

Why is that? First of all, because He heals. He comforts. He makes things better. Even if we don’t experience physical healing right away, His presence and His perspective bring about emotional and spiritual healing which lays the groundwork for all other healing. Second, because when Jesus occupies the hurting places in our lives, those things lose their power to control us. We are set free to enjoy the presence and purposes of God.


PS. Got this email the other day about the Spiritual Self Defense textbook:

…a man in our fellowship…fell to despair and drinking again…to his great dismay. He was desperate enough to read your book, and did so in two days, saying: “This is the best book I’ve ever read to help me with this! He’s saying a lot of things about lies I’ve believed and I’m seeing now from my childhood where this comes from! It’s like I get near to success and victory and I sabotage myself! He’s talking about why I turn to drinking! I want to read it again and take notes. And I’m not the only one! 60% of Christian men have a problem like this with alcohol. It’s a plague! Lord Almighty, this could help a lot of people!”


Bible trivia:
Answer from last time: Righteousness, peace and joy
New question: Both Joseph and Joshua from the Old Testament lived to be what age?

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  1. Ann Hinz says:

    110 years old