Three things God wants to do for you


In practical terms, what does God’s love look like? I believe there are three things God wants to do for you and for every person in your world.

#1 Heal all your hurts
A painful past. A deep disappointment. A secret shame. Whatever your hurts might be, God wants to heal them all. His love is soothing. He is the God of all comfort and the Father of mercies. (2 Corinthians 1:3) Healing played a central role in the life and ministry of Jesus. (Acts 10:38) When God shows up, healing takes place.

#2 Renew your mind
God wants to show you your world from His perspective. Triumphant. Compassionate. Confident. He wants to fill your life with “aha” moments where things start to make sense on a whole new level. When I was a kid, we owned some dining room chairs with an abstract flower design on them. I probably looked at those chairs a thousand times before one day I saw it. Those were not flowers at all. They were cows! From that point on, I never saw flowers—only cows. In the same way, God wants to show you what you cannot now see—and everything in your world will change as a result.

#3 Transform your life
God wants to empower you to approach everything from a position of peace and strength. He wants to empower you to experience life as Jesus does—filled with assurance, feeling fully loved, ready for whatever life presents, equipped to go out and bring the presence of Jesus into your world.

This is my prayer for you—that God will heal all your hurts, renew your mind, transform you life.

Be blessed!


PS. The whole focus of Spiritual Self Defense is on this threefold prayer. Check it out here:

Bible trivia:
Answer from last time: Esau
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